Communicating the deliciousness
of Japan to the world

RSJ USA Inc is all about connecting cultures through Japanese food. As we expand into new areas, we hope to become a part of your community and participate in your traditions, thereby bridging the gap between the United States and Japan. RSJ is for everyone, and after you taste our food, perhaps you’ll start a new tradition of your own.

Our origins can be traced back to a one-of-a-kind ramen dish, a non-intrusive fusion of French and Japanese cuisine that started in Osaka in 1986. We started with a tiny Ramen shop in Osaka, committed to a clean and family-oriented environment that would outperform any rivals. We started a tradition with a menu that was healthy enough for any diet, and a flavour that left smiles on the faces of all those who came through our doors.

Decades later RSJ Global was born to continue this mission overseas, and now RSJ USA is here in The States with the same message of joy to all. Regardless of your background or lifestyle, we welcome you to our stores, to be uplifted by our flavours and enjoy a connection to our Japanese Origin.


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