Established in 1986 in Osaka, Japan
Beginning with a small shop of just 9 seats in Dotonbori Osaka in 1986, our founder simply wanted to ”make everyone happy” with his soup. From there, we expanded throughout Japan. Now, we have numerous directly-managed stores in Japan. And from here, we are going to bring KAMUKURA RAMEN to the world, starting Hawaii.

Our trademark dish is “Oishii Ramen”, literally meaning “Delicious Ramen”. We are expanding this unique Ramen brand with a strong foundation to reach all shores of the world and deliver happiness to everyone, regardless of generation, gender or class.


“Musubi Unite Japan with the world”
Under the motto “MUSUBI will connect the world and Japan”, we will bring an authentic Japanese taste to the table. 
In Japanese, “Musubi” (結び) means connecting the minds of people.
Likewise, our future goal is to be the bridge that ‘connects’ the world and Japan to make everyone happy.


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